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>> happy birthday to your mother, first of all. >> thank you. >> she's a lovely, lovely lady. but let's talk about your strate strategy, do you want president obama coming in to florida, campaigning on your behalf? >> absolutely. he's the president of the united states. the president who won the state of florida, i discount on his support. there are a few issues that we don't see eye to eye on, but do you know something, i'm a representative of the people of the state. he's the president of the free world. and the leader here has been elected to be president of the united states, and i look forward to working with -- with the president on the issues even when we disagree. but we agree on more than we disagree on. i think it would be a benefit for the people of the state of florida, at least an open conversation with the president, that someone has been very approachable, and i'm looking forward to building that relationship as we move through the season. >> i suspect on one issue you strongly disagree with the president, the recent decision to support offshore oil drilling which senator bill nelson of florida, the democrat, he hates
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that decision. what about you? >> oh, senator nelson and i are hand in hand on that issue. i did raise reservations with the administration. we were supposed to talk with not only the secretary of the interior, but also the white house, on this very issue. i've been consistent as relates to being against offshore drilling in florida. i can't say that by every candidate in the race. it was news flash as of two days ago that the governor switched his position once again on offshore oil drilling, and it's important. there's not one chamber of commerce along the gulf coast area, either be a republican or democratic county or what have you, that say they want offshore oil drilling. what has happened now in the gulf is the perfect example that can wreck florida's tourism economy and we'll continue to work with the administration on that issue. that's the reason senator nelson, that's the reason i can go in to the white house and firsthand speak on behalf of floridians. should we look at proposals? absolutely. should we act on them? if it's going to result in what
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we have right now, absolutely not. and i look forward to representing the will and the desire of the people of the state of florida when i become the next united states senator. >> this means, i assume, you're not going to seek re-election obviously in the house of representatives. you're giving up your seat, right? >> yes, sir. i'll just put it this way. i'm all in. i don't even know how to play poker, but i know they push their hands forward when they do it. i'm all in running for the united states senate. that's been the case. and, wolf, it has been a question that people are asking me, leaving a very safe congressional seat that my mother held and i'm now holding, but i look at this as an opportunity to serve the people of the state. me being elected to the u.s. congress is not a career, it's an opportunity. >> kendrick meek is the democratic candidate for the united states senate. your folks are telling me you got to go vote, so i'm going to let you go vote. thanks, congressman. >> thanks, wolf. >> kendrick meek, democrat of florida. we've invited the other two candidates, charlie crist and marco rubio, to join us here in
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"the situation room." we hope they will in the next few days. meanwhile, outrage boiling over an angry march. one woman explains why she holds wall street accountable. [ male announcer ] when you buy a car, what are you really buying? a shiny coat of paint? a list of features? what about the strength of the steel? the integrity of its design... or how it responds... in extreme situations? the deeper you look, the more you see the real differences. and the more you understand what it means to own a mercedes-benz. the c-class. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer
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angry over lost jobs, lost homes and the bailout of financial institutions, labor unions and community groups have been leading a march today on wall street. mary snow's out there. she's finding a lot of emotion. mary, what's going on?
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>> reporter: yeah, a lot of outrage, wolf, this rally here on wall street ended just a short time ago, ending up, of course, at the famous wall street bull, the symbol of capitalism, now giving way to tourists taking pictures. but earlier this afternoon, the police estimate there were about 6,000 people who marched and they are furious at big banks. they blame those banks for the economic crisis, and among those in the crowd are some who are facing the threat of foreclosure. behind the morning routine at lisa robinson's home where she lives with her partner and two children, there's worry. robinson is fighting to keep her house of 11 years after getting a foreclosure notice in february. chale she has her own struggles, she's also a church pastor and has congregants coming to her for help. now she says she's ready for a showdown with wall street. >> goldman sachs, wall street bankers, for me, it's all the same.
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it's all the same. >> reporter: meaning? >> meaning the rich are getting richer. while those of us who work, we struggle. >> reporter: robinson fell behind on her mortgage in october after her work at a nursing home was dramatically scaled back. she had a fixed-rate mortgage and has now had to take out a loan and she makes a higher payment to prevent eviction. but in her neighborhood of jamaica queens, she blames predatory lending for the high foreclosure rate. a lot of people on the outside are saying why did they get these mortgages if they knew they couldn't afford it? >> well, i think it's because they were lied to, you know, it's one of those situations that, you know, when you're sitting at the table, it's one thing. but then when you get your paperwork, it's something totally different. >> reporter: robinson says watching wall street executives testify on capitol hill this week has made her blood boil,
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and she's taking part in a rally to send banks a message. >> be fair. you know, you came to the little people to be bailed out. help us maintain what we have by giving us decent interest rates. and stop this predatory lending. >> reporter: and, wolf, beside today's rally on wall street, protesters, hundreds of them, also showed up at the offices here in new york of jpmorgan chase and wells fargo. they apparently wanted to deliver letters to the ceos, and they are vowing to also show up at shareholder meetings throughout the spring. wolf? >> mary snow, on wall street for us, mary, thanks very much. we're standing by for more on the political upheaval in florida. john king is standing by. he has insight on what's now officially a three-way race. plus, conan o'brien making his silence about jay leno and what he calls a toxic
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let's get to more on the political upheaval in florida right now. the senate race, the republican governor, charlie crist, has just announced he's running as an independent.
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cnn's john king is here. he's the host of cnn's "john king, usa" which starts right at the top of the hour. raising money, how hard will it be for charlie crist to go out there? he wanted the republican party behind him, certainly not the democratic party either. >> he lost all the infrastructure, wolf, so as he said, it's unchartered water. i talked to three republican fund-raisers who have all helped charlie crist to varying degrees, all three of them say they don't anticipate helping charlie crist. >> he's lost some of his staff. >> he's lost his staff and his polling party has resigned including republican snores who sent him money saying they want the money back. >> he doesn't have to give it back. >> he doesn't have to give it back. here's the challenge, how do you raise money? there's the internet. we've seen other politicians including barack obama, howard dean, marco rubio, his republican opponent now, has raised a lot of money online. can he find a way on the internet to find the middle of american politics. that was his appeal i have no party affiliation to hem me, democratic or republican.
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he has no infrastructure so he has to find a way to take advantage of the new technology and media and some of his old friends to raise money for him. can he do it? it's a big question because it's a big and expensive state. >> i know you're watching it closely. charlie crist will run as an independent, what they technically call in florida -- >> nonparty affiliated. there is an independent party in florida, don't be confused by it. >> nonparty affiliate. marco rubio doesn't have to worry about a republican challenger anymore, right? >> right. >> does kendrick meek, we saw him in "the situation room," does he have to worry about a democratic challenger in the democratic primary? >> there are other democrats that have filed, but nobody treats them as serious candidates. the major candidates meek, crist, rubio, there will be a number of other candidates. the way the ballot works charlie crist, the major party candidates and the democrat and the republican and the established other party. there's a libertarian party in florida and an independent party in florida. there are other parties that have been established, they all come first, so charlie crist will be eight or nine names down
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on the ballot. everybody knows who he is. we've had complicated ballots before in florida, remember 2000? that's the other challenge, he's not right on the top of the ballot. in the three-way race, the fourth and fifth and sixth candidates somebody getting 2% or 3% could impact the race. as we focus on the race, it's very complicatcomplicated. >> let's talk about immigration, because the democratic leadership in the senate, harry read, said we're moving forward with it. but most people, including the president of the united states, think it's admirable but it's not going anywhere realistically this year. >> i brought the 26 pages. remember how everyone said the health care bill was 3,000-plus. it's a proposal for immigration reform, but it's not legislation. can they turn this into a bill? the indications are, no, many democrats who are in tough races don't want to vote on this. lindsey graham, a key republican, and senator jon kyl have issued a statement that
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they view it address a political ploy and not a serious gesture. show us a real bill and talk to us again. as of now, wolf, they don't have the 60 votes to start the debate on the senate floor and you heard speaker pelosi say i'll see if there's an appetite in the senate before i deal with it in the house. as we speak about it today, most people think it's an effort by the democrats to tell the latino community we tried, but we couldn't get enough votes. at least blame the republicans, not us. we'll watch it as it plays out and see if they can come up with a mawf neuver to do it. >> when you say political ploy, a lot of folks say harry reid who is running in a tough race in nevada he needs to energize the hispanic and latino base there and this is one way to try to do it. >> if you go to the state of nevada, it's one case where his latino community and his organized labor community are in many ways one in the same. a lot of the libber unions are heavily latino influenced. and harry reid needs to do it, and he'll poppycock, i'm not
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doing it only for the base, but it's time to move on this issue. address you noted on this program, even the president said last night i'm not sure in the tough election year there's a great appetite to cast a whole lot more tough vets. they have a problem getting republicans but much like the health care debate, the biggest problem is there are a number of moderate democrats and conservative republicans what don't want to touch the issue. >> you'll have more coming up on "john king, usa" right at the top of the hour. that's why we love covering politics. >> amen, a great day. a treatment for prostate cancer, how it trains a patient's own blood cells to attack invading cancer cells. there's new information. and a balloon breaks out of its mooring and loses control, dragging its payload along the ground. because we believe in the strength of american businesses. ♪ ge capital understands what small businesses need to grow and create jobs. today, over 300,000 businesses rely on ge capital for the critical financing they need
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other ftop stories "the situation room." there is an unprecedented treatment for prostate cancer, involves taking a patient's own white blood cells and uses a drug to train them to more actively attack cancer cells it is intended for prostate cancer that has spread but won't respond to hormone therapy. conan o'brien says he would never do what jay leno did to him. his first interview since leaving "the tonight show," o'brien talks about leno's return six months after he handed the show over to o'brien. o'brien tells cbs "60 minutes"
6:51 pm
if roles were reversed, he would do something else and he left nbc because his relationship with the network seemed toxic and without a future. final debate ended a short time ago in britain. gordon brown losing badly. the survey declare conservative david cam front winner followed by nick clegg of the democrats. he has his party virtually tied with conservatives that san issue, wolf, you have been following closely. the family of rock musician brett michaels is giving new details of his condition as he recovers from a massive brain hemorrhage. his sister is telling a radio talk show that michaels is doing well and seems coherent but she adds he is still not out of the woods. michaels was the lead singer of the group poison and more recently, a reality tv star. and it was a near disaster involving a science project from the university of california-berkeley. a space balloon broke from its mooring just before launch in central australia, dragging its
6:52 pm
car-sized pay load along the route t crashed into one vehicle, you see crashing there came within feet of hitting bystanders, but no one was hurt. those are some pretty amazing pictures, wolf. >> thank god no one was hurt. lisa, thank you. you know how tough it can be when you're trying to back into a space at a parking garage, but you don't know the half of it. we tried to show to you yesterday, we didn't do a very good job, so show it to you right now. a luxury car hanging halfway through the outside wall of a garage in tulsa, oklahoma. now we are learning new details. the driver was a 67-year-old man who says his foot got stuck between the brake and the gas pedal of his mercedes. there was damage below from falling debris but officials say no injuries. and police say the driver was not ticketed. two defining events today with major fallout for the midterm election. john king goes in depth on "john king, usa." that's coming up at the top of the hour. and one man's last request
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leads to a most unusual funeral. cnn's jeanne moos is on that story.
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here is a look at some hot shots from our friends at the associated press n india, a boy climbs a coconut tree. in st. petersburg, russia, a full moon dominates the sky, while a jetstreams by. at a zoo in prague, look at that gorilla holds her 5-day-old baby. hot shots, pictures worth 1,000 words. some viewers may find the images in the next story disturbing, about a man whose happiest moments in life were spent on a motorcycle and in death, nothing less would do. cnn's jeanne moos takes a most unusual look. >> reporter: it looks like a normal shot of a guy on a motorcycle, but look at the looks he gets. >> he is dead. >> reporter: you explain, it is his funeral, he is deceased n
6:57 pm
the funeral business they call this an unusual postmortem display but in plain language -- >> he is dead. >> he is dead. >> so they embalmed his body and put him on a motorcycle? >> yep. >> reporter: he is 22-year-old david morales cologne, killed in a shooting, his uncle gave him the bike as a gift and the family asked this funeral home in san juan, puerto rico, to pose him for the viewing. the owner of marine funeral homes says it takes special skill. >> embalming is the key. it is a professional secret. >> reporter: the tricky part is to make the body rigid enough to pose yet not too rigid to put back in a coffin for burial. he was buried in a coffin, as required by law. what do they do with the motorcycle? >> they take the motorcycle back to the house. >> reporter: the video was rocketing around the web, with titles like "dead man riding" or "dead man standing." the same funeral home did this once before because the young man who died had told his family
6:58 pm
he wanted to be happy and standing at his own funeral. >> what would i pose myself doing? >> yeah. >> flag a casket. >> reporter: the funeral homeowner says reaction to this postmortem display were divided. >> wow. >> whoa. >> that's gross. >> creepy is an understatement. >> crazy, crazy to see him on that. >> that's fantastic. he got what he wanted. >> yeah. >> good for him. god bless his soul. >> reporter: there are lots of colorful ways to leave this world. famous for the so-called fantasy coffins is one place shaped like shoes or cell phones or soft drinks. eternal fizz. and a british company called crazy coffins will send you off in anything from a guitar to a corkscrew, for folks who feel -- >> i want to celebrate my life the way i lived it, the way i want to be remembered. >> reporter: for instance in a 1913 rolls royce silver ghost for 8,000 bucks. some, like the members of this london band -- >> one, two, three --
6:59 pm
>> reporter: can't imagine posing at their own funeral. while others just turn tail and run. this guy's dead. posed him. >> i'm going to be late, i'm so sorry. i apologize. >> reporter: jeanne moos,

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